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Process Automation Service

Automate Your IT and Business Processes

RunMyJobs is a subscription-based process automation service
that eliminates licensing and infrastructure costs. Our hybrid-cloud
delivery model means that it works for everyone–everywhere. Our
revolutionary pricing is based on an easy, pay as you go plan.

RunMyJobs is simply the most flexible, powerful and fastest
IT and business process automation solution available today.

Automated Process Package Visit Automated Process Package

Our growing collection of Automated Process Packages (APPs) gives you everything you
need to automate your specific business processes.

process automation process automation process automation

Go Cloud-Based For Your Process Automation

In addition to the traditional benefits of the cloud, RunMyJobs is the world's first Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows customers to both apply and control IT and business process automation anywhere, anytime, through the cloud. Through our growing partner ecosystem and Automated Process Packages (APPs), we deliver Process-as-a-Service solutions, uniting best practices from industry experts with the industry's first enterprise-class hybrid-cloud automation platform. Our cloud based IT and business process automation service allows companies to quickly and cost-effectively address immediate pains through a delivery mechanism that eliminates risk and provides unmatched flexibility. Why Go Cloud?

No Software, No Upfront Costs!

We've designed a pricing model that is flexible and easy to understand. And subscription based pricing means you're not tied into a traditional software contract.

There are no additional software costs to pay. With RunMyJobs, it's all in. So you get an unlimited, fully supported service that you can use as much as you want and wherever you need - there really are no boundaries.

Pay As You Go!